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The NFT experience

The VIP NFT by Soy Rebelde Tour is available to fans all over the world. 2,000 unique NFTs are on sale now.

Your NFT makes you a VIP fan of RBD—unlocking benefits like discounts on merch, raffles among VIP fans in each city, and other exclusive benefits.


Using NFT Technology

We use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in order to quickly and securely grant VIP benefits.

Digital collectibles use Blockchain technology and your Soy Rebelde Tour NFT will become a unique RBD collectible, which will be securely stored in your digital wallet.


  • Your collectible RBDs

    You will receive a digital collectible RBD for each RBD VIP NFT you own and a unique benefit if you collect all 5 RBDs in the same outfit.

  • Bronze

    • - Ticket Raffles.
    • - Meet some of the band members at online events.
    • - Discounts on official tour merchandise.
    • - Azteca stadium pre-sale.
    • - Your name in the credits after each tour concert.
    • - Early access to concerts.

  • Gold

    • - All the benefits of the Bronze category.
    • - Upgrade your ticket to VIP.
    • - Raffle to sound-eck access in your city.
    • - Pre-sale in case of new zones in shows.
    • - VIP badge.

  • Diamond

    • - All the benefits of the Bronze and Gold category.
    • - Individual front row ticket to any event on the tour.
    • - Signed memorabilia.


April 13th

Buy your NFT

You can purchase your RBD VIP NFT membership by clicking here. Price per NFT is $125 USD. Or the ETH equivalent to that price at time of purchase.


August 2023

Meet your collectible RBDs

We created 2,000 unique characters with RBD's most memorable outfits. Each RBD gives you access to VIP benefits. Collecting all 5 RBDs within the same category, you will have unique benefits.


August 2023

RBD Exchange

You will be able to trade your RBDs with other VIP members.We will open a platform the second week of August where you will be able to exchange your characters.


August 2023

First set of benefits activate

After the second round of exchanges, Vip Fans will be able to redeem their benefits.


August 2023

Benefits for VIP FANS in your city

During the Soy Rebelde Tour, we will be offering exclusive benefits to VIP Fans in each city. Stay tuned to our socials and official Discord.

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Roadmap RBD

Learn more about our short- and long-term action plan to take your Soy Rebelde Tour experience to a whole new level.

What are the benefits of the RBD VIP NFT?

The benefits that your collectible will have will depend on the category of the background of your image. Bronze, Gold or Diamond. Apart from the benefits that each NFT will have, we reward collectors by creating the 5-Of-A-Kind benefits. To unlock that perk you will have to collect all 5 members. The category of the 5-Of-A-Kind will depend on the category of your collectibles.

Will the RBD VIP NFT membership include a meet and greet with RBD?

No. The benefits are listed in the Benefits section of our website and depend on the category of your NFT. If you manage to gather the 5 members of the diamond category, you will have access to a video call via ZOOM with your favorite member.

How can I purchase the RBD VIP NFT?

You can purchase your RBD VIP NFT with most major credit cards or ETHER (cryptocurrency) on buy.rbdnft.com. All you have to do is setup a Crossmint account, follow their instructions, and then your NFT will be stored in your digital wallet shortly thereafter.

What is the price of the RBD VIP NFT?

Price per NFT is $125 USD. Or the ETH equivalent to that price at time of purchase.

How can I trade my RBD with other VIP fans?

We will open a trading portal in August so you can safely exchange your RBD(s) with another VIP fan(s). Trading brings you closer to collecting the 5 different RBDs with the same outfit to unlock a unique benefit.

How can I know the benefits of my city?

We will be announcing all benefits, raffles and winners on our official Discord. So keep an eye out for announcements in the Official Discord.

How can I receive my RBD VIP NFT benefits during the tour?

We will open a platform for VIP FANS to register their NFT and receive their benefits.

What is the duration of the RBD VIP NFT?

You will be able to access your RBD VIP NFT benefits throughout the entirety of the Soy Rebelde Tour. Your collectible RBD will remain in your digital wallet forever.

How can I track my RBD VIP NFT and benefits?

The official RBD Discord is the main place where we can be in direct contact with VIP FANS. Make sure to join the Official Discord where our administrators and moderators will resolve any doubts you may have.


Questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions about the NFT and its benefits.